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Real Estate
Rental Services
I have never rented an apartment or house in
Mazatlán. Many people have told me "Yes,
there are cheap rentals available," and, "Yes,
you get what you pay for." I would never rent
anything-long term (one month to over one
year) without seeing it. Some rental agencies
have pictures and descriptions on their web
sites. It has been my experience that the pic-
tures look better than the homes.
I have been told that there is a major difference in renting in Mexico than in
the U.S. In the U.S., if I have a problem with maintenance, I call the landlord
and most of the time he will see that it is fixed promptly. In Mexico, if I have a
maintenance problem, save the telephone call and haul out the tools or pay a
maintenance man.
In El Centro area, rental for a two-bedroom goes for about $250-$600 U.S.
per month year round, and a little more if you rent only during the winter
months. For the same size, accommodations in the Golden Zone rentals are
between $400-$1200 U.S. per month during winter season.
Once you have found a rental you should have an agreement in Spanish
(Mazatlán courts insist on contracts in Spanish). As a minimum your contract
should include:
-The price
-When and in what form the prices will be paid
-What the price includes
-The length of the contract
-Description of the owner's maintenance responsibilities
-A list of the renter's responsibilities
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