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our friends Keith and Jean to Concordia to find some furniture. At one of the
furniture factories/stores, they found a table and rocking chair that they liked.
Only the table could fit in the trunk of our car. Another couple were there
looking at furniture--a Mexican woman and a man that resembled the typical
"Hell's Angels" of motorcycle fame. He was large, had long hair, a big black
unkempt beard, huge earring, several tattoos, and wore a vest and blue jeans.
He overheard our conversation about our problem getting the rocking chair
"Where do you live?" he said.
"El Cid," Keith replied.
"I used to work for El Cid. I know exactly where it is." He added, "If you
want, I'll load your rocking chair on my truck and drop it off at your home this
The four of us exchanged glances, and Keith said, "That would be fine. We
would really be grateful."
The man's wife began negotiating prices in Spanish with the storeowner for
our friends' furniture. We drove away fifteen minutes later, having paid less
than we originally bargained for the furniture.
Keith asked me, "Do you think the guy will really deliver the rocking chair?"
I thought to myself, now why didn't he ask me that question before he
agreed to the deal? And said, "Yeah, I think he will."
By the time I dropped them at their home the man telephoned them and an
hour later dropped off the rocking chair. Keith liked to tell that story and
always ended it by saying, "I was really surprised that I not only gave a man
who I would not even talk to in the States my rocking chair, but he actually
delivered it."
A sense of humor is helpful. Being able to laugh at yourself will get you
through many difficulties in Mazatlán, just as in your native country. Most
Mazatlecos have a tremendous sense of humor. If you don't have a sense of
humor when you arrive, I'm betting that if you stay long enough, you'll acquire
A nurturing community. Regardless of the quality of life you enjoy in your
home country, I believe it will be improved in Mazatlán. The year-round warm
weather will make your body feel better almost immediately. Waking up to
sunshine every day will improve your disposition. Your spirit of adventure will
be rekindled by experiencing so many new things. You will meet new friends
faster than any community you lived in previously. And in some cases you will
be leaving some old problems behind and starting a new life.
FM-3s (Of which there were 13 types at last count): If you expect to live in
Mazatlán year round, or more than six months per year, you have two choices
M a z a t l a n I S P a r a d i s e