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What about retiring in Mazatlán?
If you've been daydreaming about retirement, and being able to enjoy loung-
ing in a comfortable beach chair with a cool margarita, you are in good com-
pany! During a period of roughly two decades (1946-1966), Canada and the
United States experienced an unprecedented increase in population. This gen-
eration, the so-called "Baby Boomers," has begun a transition into retirement
in greater numbers, with higher expectations and looking forward to a longer
life than any previous generation in history. As such, the interest in interna-
tional travel is increasing. Public and private organizations are coming forth to
meet the needs of these traveling Boomers with a variety of resources designed
specifically to assist them in making the most of their retirement years.
Financial service organizations, for example, are developing product and
service programs for clients that plan on spending some or all of their retire-
ment years as "snow-birds" or non-residents of their home countries.
Canadians Retiring Abroad Ltd., a Calgary-based financial planning service,
offers specialized tax preparation, estate planning and asset management serv-
ices for clients that are traveling throughout the world. CRA reports, however,
that Mexico is clearly emerging as a retirement destination of choice.
The Canada-Mexico Chamber of Business Association, in conjunction with
Lloyd's of London, has recently launched an International Health Care Plan
for both Canadians and Americans that are retired or working outside of their
home country. The plan provides a comprehensive range of health benefits--
even while traveling internationally--at group rates!
Those serious about spending extended periods of time in Mazatlán may be
well advised to explore some of the emerging resources available at Appendix
5 to ensure that they maximize their enjoyment and minimize potential risks.
You've heard many stories about life in Mexico, I'm sure. I've found some to
be true, some false and most amusing. There are quite a few expatriates living
year-round in Mazatlán, and loving it. There have been just as many stories of