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Mexican mechanics are magicians in making parts; so don't worry about
breakdowns. It may take some time, but what the hey! Just relax in your bed-
room with a good book until your vehicle is fixed. Prices are not available, but
they are available if you call and are able to find someone that can speak
English. Let's take a look at some of the RV parks in Mazatlán:
La Posta Trailer Park: Calzada R. Buelna #7. Located in a tropical setting
with shady palapas and sundeck. They also have hot showers, a coin laundry,
and a convenience store. Telephone number is 983-5310.
Mar Rosa: Great location, right on the beach next to Fiesta Americana in the
Golden Zone. You can go to bed with the sounds of the waves crashing. There
are also apartments on premises for visits from friends and relatives. Call them
at 983-6187.
Marvilla Trailer Park: Located on Alfredo Tirado Apartado #1470 in Playa
de Sábalo-Cerritos in the north. Telephone them at 994-0400.
Playa Escondida Holiday Trailer Park: It is located near Playa Cerritos in
the Golden Zone. A saltwater pool and recreation hall is on site. Hot showers
and a coin laundry are available for tenants. Call them at 983-2578.
San Bartolo Trailer Park: Camarón Sábalo opposite Playa Sábalo. They have
full services but are closed from June to October. Telephone them at 983-5755.
Las Canoas RV/Trailer Park: Don't expect to pull your rig into this park and
announce that you'll be renting for a couple weeks. This is a unique, members-
only park that contains 56 spaces on the beach. They rent spaces only for a
"season" that runs from October 1 to May 31. The cost is $2600 U.S. for the
row closest to the beach, and a declining scale for rows away from the beach
with a minimum rent of $2000 U.S. There is a one-time membership fee of
$200 U.S. that will get you on a waiting list. Rental is paid a year in advance. If
you want a place for next season, you should contact the five-member board
via the Internet by December or January. The park is located north of the El
Marina between Torres Mazatlán and El Rancho, at Sábalo Cerritos #2800.
Visit their website at, or email
them at
Many of the hotels you may stay in are also timeshares. From the airport to
the streets and beaches, and even in some restaurants in Mazatlán timeshare
sales people will hound you. Whether or not a timeshare is a good buy depends
entirely on personal tastes and circumstances. When I purchased a timeshare
in 1985, I was a "workaholic," who needed a good reason to take a vacation.
Timeshare ownership forced me to get away from my job once a year. I thor-
oughly enjoy my suite at the Inn at Mazatlán. Although I no longer stay there
Char les A. Hall