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$42 U.S. to $80 U.S. per night, depending on the size of room and time of year.
Two children, ages 11 and under, can stay free with their parents. Single, triple
and quad rates are also available. They can be reached at 913-5100.
Mar Azul: Has everything from a studio apartment to condos and houses.
It is located off Camarón Sábalo, at Mero #101, about one and a half blocks east
of Solamar Inn in the Golden Zone. They have all the amenities, including air
conditioning, cable TV, maid service, and a swimming pool. Special services
include 24-hour security and parking, and storage facilities for your belong-
ings from year-to-year. Rates are $33 U.S. for a studio to $110 U.S. for three
bedrooms. These rates do not include Christmas, Carnaval, and July-August.
Contact them via the Internet, cerritos@Mazatlá or their web site,
www.viajesaMazatlá You can telephone them at 914-0201.
Bungalows Mar-Sol: Is located in the Golden Zone on Camarón Sábalo,
across the street from the Pueblo Bonito Mazatlán. They have clean, quiet,
comfortable rooms with a beautiful common area and a friendly staff. They
have daily, weekly and monthly rates. Daily rates for a room for two people are
from $52 U.S. to a suite for three people, $60 U.S. You can telephone them at
914-0108, or email them at, or visit their
website at where you can also make online reser-
Loro de Oro Inn: Located at Constitución #622, just a half block from the
Plazuela Machado in the central part of downtown, this gorgeous Inn has the
charm of old Mexico and all the modern conveniences. The three story main
building was built in January 2004. This Colonial style Inn is much more inti-
mate and personal than a hotel. It has a breathtaking tropical courtyard with
swimming pool, lounge chairs, barbecue, and dining area. There are two large
Luxury Bungalow suites that the owner offers for rent on a "different" long-term
basis. You pay $1,495 U.S. and receive one week of your choice for five years, and
do not pay a maintenance charge. I don't see how you can get a better deal than
$300 U.S. per week in such luxury in El Centro area! Jr. Studios rent for $35 U.S.
per night or $20 U.S. per night by the month. Deluxe studios rent for $45 U.S.
per night or $27 U.S. per night by the month. The Luxury Bungalow suites rent
for $85 U.S. per night or $1500 U.S. per month. Tony Feuer, the owner men-
tioned that "since this is Mexico, prices are negotiable." For further information
and great photos, visit their website at The email
address is and the telephone number is 982-8996.
La Siesta Hotel: The hotel is located next to the Shrimp Bucket restaurant
in Olas Altas. The ocean view is terrific from the rooms on the west side. There
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