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This type of book always requires many people to put it together. This book is
no exception. My heartfelt thanks go to the following people:
Dee Hulen, my research assistant, critic, and editor, who claims to have
gained several pounds checking the many restaurants in El Centro district of
Mazatlán. Without her assistance, the book never would have been completed
on schedule.
David Bodwell, who provided editing assistance and expertise in the com-
plicated world of Mazatlán business.
Larry Robinson, technology assistant, who kept my computers going so
that I could remain on task doing something that I knew something about.
Annie Copeland, creative designer for the book, who spent countless hours
correcting my mistakes and making the book attractive for our readers.
Sam Pelzman, Dick Carroll, and Rick Lewis, who took the time to read the
entire draft and provide corrections and recommended changes that improved
the content and helped to provide a better product for our readers.
Katherine Hall, my wife and inspiration, for everything creative that I have
accomplished in my life.
This book is dedicated to the two communities of Mazatlán--the Mazatlecos
and the expats, who have melded together to make one of the finest communi-
ties in the world. Special thanks go to the members of the Internet groups:
MazInfo, MazAmigos, and Whatsupmaz who without knowing it provided
valuable input to the book. Their communications not only gave me questions
that begged to be answered, but in many cases, answers to the questions.