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Where do you stay in Mazatlán?
Where you stay will be a matter of personal taste and financial situation. The
first tourist area was in the downtown and Olas Altas area, and most hotels
there are older and cheaper. As hotels were built in the Golden Zone, tourism
moved farther north. Mazatlán is one of the few Mexican resort areas that offer
ultramodern deluxe resorts alongside budget beachfront hotels. You may expe-
rience better service at one of the less expensive hotels.
Most of the tourist attractions are in the Golden Zone, but so are most of
the tourists and noise. There are hotels further north from tourist activities,
but the beaches are not as crowded and there is less noise. The downtown and
Olas Altas area have some excellent tourist activities and lots of noise--espe-
cially at Carnaval time. So pick your poison.
The Hotels
(estimated rack rates)
Most expensive
Rancho Las Moras: Located about 30 minutes northeast of Mazatlán in the
Sierra Madres. A restored Tequila ranch that is more like a hacienda. There are
some rooms for rent, but some of the old rustic houses for rent have beamed
ceilings and furnishings that would have likely invited the most elite of the
upper class. Even though it is far from the beach, swimming is available in a
large pool on site. The 3,000-acre property provides miles of land for explo-
ration. A riding stable is available, as well as a game room. A beautiful dining
room is part of the rental fee, although non-guests can purchase meals. There
are numerous species of animals to see and several peacocks roam the main
If you are a TV watcher you may be more interested in a place in the Golden
Zone. The lack of TVs and telephones add to the uniqueness of the place. The
road off the main highway is undeveloped. I'm told the reason for that is
because they try to discourage non-guests. Recently, however, tour guides have