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His lovely wife, Dra. Rosalia Berenice Valencia Guajardo does a super job
of cleaning. At $45 U.S. it is a bit pricey by Mazatlán standards, but you'll not
get a better cleaning job anywhere.
Dr. Coppel: Dr. Estrada sent me to Dr. Coppel to have the front tooth
extracted. There was little left of the tooth and a gold post had been implant-
ed. He gave me some Novocain to kill the pain and started to probe around the
tooth. I kept waiting for him to put his knee in my chest and reach into my
mouth with a pair of pliers. After about ten minutes of probing and scraping,
he showed me the tooth he had pulled with the tiny instrument. There was
absolutely no pain and the price was very reasonable. Anyone who knows me
will tell you that there is only one thing I hate more than criticism and that is
pain. That means this is high praise for Dr. Coppel.
His address is Camarón Sábalo #1502, second floor, across the street from
the Balboa Club. His telephone number is 913-4111, and he speaks good
Dr. Eduardo Ibarra: His office is located at Canizales # 509, Suite #3, El
Centro (1 block south of the Mercado on Aquiles Serdan then about two and
one-half blocks west. Telephone either 983-1518 or his cell phone 044 669 994-
5771. If a non-English speaker answers the phone, just ask to talk to Doctor
Ibarra, who speaks good English. His hours are 4-8 p.m. Be sure to tell him
David Bodwell referred you to him, as this will get you the best price. David
claims that he has referred many folks to him and always had reports of total
satisfaction with the work, and total amazement at the prices.
Legal Drugs
Prescription drugs in Mazatlán often cost less than half what they cost in
the U.S. Some are even the same drugs as those produced in the U.S., but man-
ufactured in Mexico. Please note that a higher concentration of the primary
ingredient means the dosage might be different. If you take a lot of prescrip-
tion drugs you can save a ton of money purchasing them in Mazatlán. Most of
the pharmacists in the tourist zone speak English. For excellent information
about prescription drugs go to
Why post veterinarians in the same chapter with doctors and dentists?
There are some of us that love our pets dearly and treat them as members of
the family. The Amigos de Los Animales, or humane society in Mazatlán may be
contacted at 986-4235 or 925-7896.
Dr. Marco Antonio Cardenas Avila: My friend, Marlene Santana, recom-
mends him. She said, "This is an awesome veterinary clinic, with reasonable
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