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guaranteed renewable to age 80. The worldwide coverage includes business
and holiday travel, personalized insurance card, direct payment to hospitals
and 24 hour emergency service.
There is a $1000 U.S. deductible per year and two choices of co-insurance
(100% or 80%) and a lifetime limit of coverage of $3 million U.S. The annual
premiums are $1,655.97 to $1,409.97 U.S. for single individuals up to age 70
(depending upon the co-insurance coverage chosen). It increases to $6,690.00
to $4,537.12 U.S. for ages 70 to 80.
There is a possibility of becoming insured in spite of most pre-existing con-
ditions either with exclusion or a surcharge. The medical risk assessor will
evaluate whether a previous illness or medical condition will warrant a sur-
charge or exclusion or if the benefit(s) can be obtained on normal terms.
The program is underwritten by Lloyd's of London and administered by
Norfolk International Group in Calgary. For further details, contact Dave
Appleton of Planning Strategies Group Ltd. Suite 620, 840--6
Avenue S.W.,
Calgary, Alberta T2P 3E5,
Bus: (403) 262-6055 Fax: (403) 262-6055 Email:
Like doctors, there are many well-qualified dentists in Mazatlán. Some are
more expensive than others. Some less painful than others, but all that I know
of are conscientious to a fault.
Dr. Estrada: About three years ago, I was having a problem with a crown. I
asked my friend, Teresa Iglis-McFarland, from The Inn at Mazatlán for the
name of a good dentist, and she recommended Dr. Estrada. It turned out that
I had an abscess in one of my front teeth. He said he could either do another
root canal or a bridge. Since I had already undergone two painful root canals
on the tooth, I chose the bridge. He made a four-tooth permanent bridge and
the entire job was completed in a month, and it looks better than the crowns
it replaced. A very expensive specialist in the U.S. had put in the two crowns.
When I spent a year in the States recently, I went to a different dentist and
he mentioned that I had a lot of dental work. I agreed and asked him if he
could tell me what the U.S. specialist or the one from Mexico had done. He said
he could not tell the difference and all the work was outstanding. By the way,
the cost of the bridge was less than the deductible I paid with my insurance
plan for the two crowns. He speaks good English and has offices in the small
mall near the Cyber Café on Camarón Sábalo in the Golden Zone. Telephone
him at 914-1622.
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