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Dr. Elias Avelino Javer Fernandez: Is well known as the best
Gastroenterologist in Mazatlán. Donald and Bobbie Drennon both had a
Colonoscopy and Endoscopy, and they said there was no discomfort because
they were put to sleep during the procedure. Even as a specialist, Dr. Javer's
office visits are about $22 U.S. and he makes house calls at about $31 U.S. He
speaks good English and his office is room #308 in the PoliMedical building in
front of Sharp Hospital. Telephone him at 984-2484 or cell phone: 044-669-
Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS): Is a low-cost national health
care system available to foreigners with FM-3s. Approximate cost per year is as
$900 pesos
$1050 pesos
$1550 pesos
60 & over
$2400 pesos
They have a sign saying that with the new structure they need a copy of
your birth certificate, but they sometimes accept a copy of your FM-3, which
has your birth date. Details of the program are in Appendix 4.
Air evacuation: There may be an occasion when you may want a loved one
evacuated back to the states for specialized medical care or nursing facility. An
excellent medical air evacuation is available from MEDEX, 1447 York Rd.,
Suite 410. Lutherville, MD 21093.
Skymed International Insurance offers a membership program costing
approximately $240 U.S. per year for a family or $120 U.S. per year for an indi-
vidual. The coverage not only provides for transportation by air to facilities in
the U.S., Canada or Caribbean, but also includes assistance returning family
members, motor vehicles and pets as part of the coverage. The policy also
includes returning the remains of a deceased member to her/his hometown.
Larry and Sandy Bell can be reached at
Medicare or Medicaid: Is not covered in Mazatlán. Those retired U.S. mili-
tary personnel that qualify for Tricare for Life can be reimbursed for medical
expenses in Mexico with proof of payment. There is an annual deductible.
International Health Care Plan: The Canada-Mexico Chamber of Business
(CMCB) International Health Care plan is available to any current member of
the CMCB (current membership fee is $25 U.S. per year) who is under the age
of 80 and residing outside their home country (Canadians, Americans, etc.).
The benefits program provides a free choice of doctors and hospitals, and
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