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and the office hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.. You should have all
pertinent dates, charges, receipts, names, addresses, phone numbers, plus
details of the problem.
Local doctors: Fortunately, neither my wife nor I have had a serious illness
in Mazatlán. Don't get the wrong idea--it's not that I worry about not getting
proper health care--just the opposite. All of my friends here tell me of the
great luck they have had with their doctors. On the other hand, we have had
some serious problems with so called "specialists" in the U.S.
Dr. Jorge Sanchez: He is a general practitioner and pediatrician who speaks
good English and does not charge gringo prices. Both my wife and I have used
him for minor problems, with excellent results. While his office is at Rotarismo
#215 in El Centro area, it is easy to get to by bus from the tourist zones. Get off
at the stop light just north of Fisherman's Monument and walk a block and
one-half east on Rotarismo, and his office is in the same building as the phar-
macy on the left hand side of the street. He also owns the pharmacy, so will
give you a discount on needed drugs. Call 985-0848 for an appointment.
Dr. Guzman: Recommended by Henry Laxen, Dr. Guzman is a board-certi-
fied surgeon from Creighton Medical School and also practices as a GP in
Mazatlán. Henry swears by him and claims that he makes house calls. His
office telephone number is 981-2587. And get this; you can reach him at home
at 981-5117. How many doctors do you know who give out their home phone
Dr. Luis Armando Ochoa: A dermatologist, recommended by my friends
Bobbie and Don Drennon. He has been used by other Americans, and speaks
fairly good English. His office is at the Polimedica building on Rafael Buelna
near Sharp Hospital. The telephone number is 990-18-70.
Dr. Jorge Cordova Carreon: An ear, nose, and throat specialist, who is
another recommendation by Bobbie and Don Drennon. He is located in the
Polimedica building in front of Sharp Hospital in room #311. The doctor
speaks English and has reasonable rates.
Dr. Levid Torres: Is a General Practitioner with offices at Carnaval #1611-1 in
El Centro area. Another doctor recommended by Don and Bobbie Drennon. (Yes,
it does seem like they spend a great deal of their time in doctor's offices). They
claim he makes house calls for about $30 U.S. a visit. He speaks good English and
can be reached at 981-0855, and email at
Dr. Jorge Eduardo Montoya: Is an OB/GYN doctor recommended by
Bobbie Drennon. His office is also in the Polimedica building on Rafael Buelna
near Sharp Hospital. Bobbie claims that he is handsome and just as impor-
tantly, his instruments are not cold. He can be reached by telephone at 990-
1920, and by email at
M a z a t l a n I S P a r a d i s e