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What do you do if you have
medical/dental problems?
Medical Care
This is of interest to everyone either just touring, or considering relocating.
While I have no first-hand knowledge of medical care facilities in Mazatlán, I
have talked with many people from north of the border about medical care in
the city. There is a popular misconception about the qualifications of doctors
in Mexico. Many Mexican doctors are trained in U.S. facilities. Conversely,
many U.S. doctors are trained in Mexico. The medical facilities are among the
best in Mexico. I believe that you can get medical care in Mazatlán as good as
most places north of the border.
The cost will usually be much less in Mazatlán, but you will have to pay the
expense yourself. Reimbursement from your insurance company is possible,
but copies of itemized billing are required. Are house calls ancient history in
your hometown? Most doctors in Mazatlán still visit ailing patients. Numerous
doctors are bilingual.
Sharp Hospital: A first-class medical facility, which I'm told, was built in
partnership with a hospital in San Diego, California. The staff is well trained,
and it is equipped better than any hospital outside Mexico City. Many doctors
are specialists and the hospital offers everything including cardiac, plastic sur-
gery, and they have dialysis equipment. Most of the doctors are bilingual. I
would have no qualms about taking a friend or relative there for any kind of
medical treatment.
Medical complaints: If you feel you have been cheated by a medical profes-
sional you may file the complaint with CONAMED (Comission de Arbitraje
. Write them at Andador Jose Gonzales, Calle Hermosillo #1297 P.B.
(Piso Bajo
-Lower Floor) Lazaro Cárdenes/Calzada Insurgentes Culican, and
Sinaloa, Mexico.
Their telephone numbers are 01 667 761-5089 and 714-1013,