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become like the U.S.A. where almost everyone has a lawyer. Forget about try-
ing to sue someone for tripping over a bad sidewalk.
Another law opposite of Canadian and U.S. laws is that pedestrians do not
have the right of way--not even in a cross walk. Sometimes when crossing the
street I notice an oncoming vehicle will speed-up as the driver attempts to add
excitement to my day.
The vast majority of the beaches in the tourist area of Mazatlán are kept
clean of broken glass. There may be times when a drunken lout may break a
bottle on the beach. Accidentally stepping on the glass could ruin your vaca-
tion. Dead bees are still dangerous, as the stingers remain active. I suggest that
you wear sandals when walking on the beach. If you decide to wade in the
ocean, you can simply carry your sandals for the short respite.
Most beaches do not have lifeguards so you must beware of undertows or
riptides. Most of the hotels use colored flags to indicate safety conditions for
Blue or Green indicates it is safe to swim.
Yellow flag means that conditions are uncertain so use caution.
A Red flag means it would be wise not to swim in that area at that time.
White flags mean there are jellyfish in the area. If a jellyfish has never stung
you, you do not want to experience it.
A young person who likes to stay out late and party should frequent the
many bars and clubs in the Golden Zone. The city provides much more police
protection in the tourist zones--not to mention the shorter distance to stag-
ger home to your hotel.
Alcoholic beverages
I put this section in the "Staying Healthy" chapter
because too much booze causes many of the health prob-
lems. I'll say it again so there is no misunderstanding.
Drinking too much booze causes many of the health prob-
lems in Mazatlán for tourists. Alcohol is relatively cheap in
Mazatlán, and since you are on vacation and don't have to
get up and go to work, one has a tendency to "let it all hang
out." Mexico has some fine domestic alcoholic drinks if
they are consumed in moderation. Be sure you understand
that like anywhere else, you pay big time for imported
liquor. Since I am allergic to alcohol, I cannot provide first-
hand knowledge, but I can tell you what my friends and
relatives think of the local spirits.
The beer of choice
Char les A. Hall