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Symptoms of dehydration include urine that is much darker than usual
and/or difficulty urinating, flushed face, profuse sweating, or an unusual lack
thereof. Sometimes these symptoms also occur: headache, dizziness, and feel-
ing of malaise.
If dehydration occurs, get the sufferer out of the sun right away and cover
him/her in a wet sheet or towel. Get fluids into the victim slowly and continu-
ously. Depending on the size of the patient, up to six liters may be necessary to
regain normalcy. There are several home remedies, but water is the best.
Motion sickness
If you have little or no boating experience and you go on a fishing trip or
boat excursion in the ocean, you may suffer from motion sickness. The repeat-
ed rolling and rocking of the boat affects an individual's equilibrium. The
smell of diesel or gasoline fumes can add to the causes of motion or seasick-
ness. Further, the sight or smell of the vomit from a victim may cause a chain
reaction among other guests.
Don't let seasickness spoil your trip. Take preventative measures to avoid
motion sickness. Don't eat a heavy meal prior to boarding the boat. Take the
prescribed amount of Dramamine or Phenergan. I caution about the use of
those drugs, however, as they may cause drowsiness. My wife, another couple
and I took Dramamine before embarking on a jet boat trip from Seattle to
Victoria. All of us slept through some of the most breath-taking scenery in the
world. Motion sickness prevention patches, worn behind the ear, or wrist
bracelets are effective for some people.
If you are out on the ocean and you feel seasickness coming on, resist the
urge to lie down--even though drowsiness is one of the symptoms. Stay out
on deck, away from engine fumes, and breathe in fresh air while focusing your
eyes on the horizon. The disturbed inner ear is usually the cause of motion
sickness, and watching the horizon will help stabilize the inner ear.
It is always wise to travel with a companion. This includes swimming,
horseback riding, shopping, and even just strolling the beach and streets. If
something unforeseen happens, you will always have someone to help you.
A law peculiar to Mazatlán makes the individual home or business owner
responsible for the sidewalk in front of the property they own. As a result,
many people do not maintain their sidewalks. When walking the streets, keep
your eyes down to avoid tripping over a broken sidewalk or hole. I make it a
habit of stopping when I want to look around. Remember that Mexico has not
M a z a t l a n I S P a r a d i s e