This is a brief introduction to the Trivia Contest game. You will need a Master of Ceremonies and one or more players. It should run on any device that has a web browser. (IPhone, Android, Laptop, etc.) The Master of Ceremonies will be in charge of asking and grading the questions, while the players will do their best to answer them. It is up to the Master of Ceremonies to create the questions, though several sets have already been created that can be downloaded and used. Your Master of Ceremonies will need to substitute the worl "moc" for "welcome" in the URL above. Let's hope he/she/zie has already done so as there are quite a few instructions that should be read through and understood.

You will need to contact the other people you want to play with on your own, (Email, telephone, messaging app) and tell them to go to the URL you see above. Once everyone is there, it is up to the Master of Ceremonies to start the game. More detailed help is available by clicking on the Help button above. Have Fun! If you encounter any problems, be send a message (be as specific as you can and include a screenshot if possible) to the poor guy who wrote is code: Henry Laxen. Thanks and have fun.
Please choose the name for yourself or your team below:

Optionally, you may include your email address here, and after the contest is finished, we will send you a message with all of the questions and answers. If you check the box about wanting to be notified about future contests, I'll send you a message about that too, otherwise, you'll never hear from me again. Of course if you don't provide your email address, you won't even hear from me once.

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If you are on an phone or tablet, the display will look much better in landscape mode. As players rendezvous here, their video images will appear. If you can see/hear them without the internet (ie they are physically close by), please click on the remove link below their images. This will prevent feedback and minimize the amount of internet traffic.

When everyone has logged in, only one of you please press the button below to start the game. Enjoy!
While you are waiting, why not show the other players what you look like. Just allow access to the camera and click on the Take photo button below. Your photo will be sent to the other players.

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Below are the names and perhaps the photos of the players/teams that will participate in today's trivia contest. Feel free to chat with your fellow contestants.
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