If you are on an phone or tablet, the display will look much better in landscape mode. As players rendezvous here, their video images will appear. If you can see/hear them without the internet (ie they are physically close by), please click on the remove link below their images. This will prevent feedback and minimize the amount of internet traffic.
This is a brief introduction to the game I call Getting to know you. It is quite fun to play, and this program should run on any device that has a web browser. (IPhone, Android, Laptop, etc.) At the beginning of each round, you make a statement about yourself, that may be either True or False, and label it as such. After everyone has made a statement, they are sent back to the players who must label each statement with the name of the player they believe made it, and whether or not they think it is true or false. The secret is in the scoring, which goes as follows:
  • You get one point if you correctly associate the statement with the person who made it.
  • You get an additional point if you correctly guess whether the statement is true or not.
  • You get two points if no-one associates you with your statement
  • You get three additional points if your statement was true.
Thus the way to get the maximum amount of points is to say something true about yourself that no one will associate with you. Usually quite difficult if you are playing with your spouse.

You will need to contact the other people you want to play with on your own, (Email, telephone, messaging app) and tell them to go to the URL you see above. Once everyone is there, one of you can press the Start Game button and proceed to play. More detailed help is available by clicking on the Help button above. Have Fun!